There are frequently situations where silicone alone just won’t  fill the gaps around the outer frame

Sometimes you’ll need to cover an old silicone line or perhaps the opening is out of square meaning there are varying width gaps around the perimeter of the outer frame where it meets the brick or block.

If the same situation arose when fitting a PVCu door or window the Installer would simply reach for the D section or 2 inch trim and the customer would rarely even know there had been a gap!

But there seems to be a definite lack of availability for aluminium trims around aluminium frames to finish off in the same manner.

Foamed outer before and after the trim is applied.

Here is an overview of some standard colour matched aluminium trims:

25mm x 2mm Flat – Probably the equivalent of the PVCu “D section” trim widely used in PVC Installs. This Ali 1inch trim is much flatter than the PVCu D section trim and better suits the more square contemporary aluminium windows look.

45mm x 2mm – Again much the same width as a typical 2 inch PVCu trim but as before it is much flatter.

80mm x 2mm – Again much the same width as a typical 3 inch PVCu trim but as before it is much flatter.

40mm x 30mm x 2 Angle – This trim is great for using on heads of frames to cloak off an ugly steel lintel.

Fixing Methods

Silicone Fix

This is my preferred method of fixing as it’s pretty much fool proof and when done correctly looks part of the frame. Another benefit is that often you don’t need to seal from trim to frame separately. Just put a neat line of silicone on the edge of the full length of frame where the trim will sit and after applying the trim you have a hidden silicone weather seal.

It also means that you don’t need to perform a very fine seal between frame and trim.

I find that by applying silicone to the two surfaces of frame and back edge of the trim you get much better adhesion. This can be useful when sealing a head where the weight of the trim and gravity are trying to let the trim fall off.

Double Sided Tape

Although this is a popular method of sticking on trims I have found that in hot weather they can sometimes pop off for inexplicable reasons. Tape also increase the height of the gap between trim and frame.

Finally using this method, when you are applying silicone and then “fingering” for a smooth finish air bubbles seem to appear making the silicone line unequal.

Screw Fix

Although this is a popular method in the commercial sector most homeowners think it looks untidy and do not like screws (even when capped) sticking out of their trim!

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