SL68 provides minimal disruption, boasting just 65mm between outer and sash, and a mere 110mm between each sash, triumphantly outclassing many competing solutions.

Great Energy Performance

Introducing Reynaers SL68 Casement Window System: Combining Minimalist Aesthetics and High Performance

In today’s contemporary architectural design, the Reynaers SL68 casement window system has proven to be an industry standout. Known for their ultra-slim yet robust aluminium profiles, these outward-opening windows deliver a superb balance of elegance and performance, making them ideal for both renovations and new installations.

Their slimline profiles not only retain the original daylight, but also enhance weather resistance and insulation. Additionally, their SBD and PAS24 ratings ensure maximum safety and security.

What sets the SL68 system apart is its impressive performance data. With thermal insulation Uw at 1.1 W/m²K, it is among the top performers in energy efficiency. Comfort is prioritised with class 4 (600Pa) air tightness, E1200 (1200Pa) water tightness, and C5 (2000Pa) wind load resistance. Opening and closing resistance is classified at Class 3, while PAS 24 is the standing burglar resistance rating.

The system also boasts flexibility in dimensions, accommodating a maximum vent weight of 110 lbs, and a profile design slope of 25 degrees. The glazing aspect of the SL68 is equally impressive, with an 18 mm rebate height and options for dry and internal glazing.

The Reynaers SL68 Casement Window System underscores that luxury, sustainability, and high functionality can indeed coexist, and it is leading the way in aluminium window design.

Super-Slim Sightlines

With sightlines of just 65mm Outer-to-Sash, and 110mm from Sash-to-Sash – SL68 beats most other systems hands down.

Designed for the UK

Reynaers SL68 aluminium window system has been designed specifically with the UK market in mind. One of its significant features is its optimisation for maximum daylight. This is achieved through its ultra-slim sightlines, allowing more light to enter, and creating a bright, welcoming space.

Additionally, the SL68 has been tailored to suit smaller windows, with maximum dimensions up to 1,530mm in height and 1,330mm in width. These specifications meet the typical requirements for residential and commercial properties in the UK, offering an aesthetically pleasing solution without compromising on functionality or performance.

By choosing Reynaers SL68 for your projects, you are not only investing in a high-performing, energy-efficient product, but also a system that fits seamlessly into the UK architectural landscape, enhancing both the visual appeal and the functional aspect of any property.

5 Different Frame Styles

The Reynaers SL68 aluminium window system is known not only for its superior performance but also for its versatility in design. It offers five distinct design options, ensuring an attractive and functional solution for any window application.

  1. Heritage Ferro: This style exudes an industrial aesthetic with its characteristic steel look, making it ideal for modern spaces that draw on urban influences.
  2. Ferro Flush: Offering a seamless and minimalist design, the Ferro Flush adds a touch of understated sophistication to any architectural project.
  3. Functional Flush: This option provides a sleek and streamlined appearance, delivering high functionality without compromising on aesthetics.
  4. Heritage Functional: This style perfectly blends traditional elements with modern design, adding character and a sense of history to any property.
  5. Heritage Classic: For those seeking a timeless look, the Heritage Classic style offers a classic design that harmonizes perfectly with both traditional and contemporary architectural styles.

No matter the project requirements or personal tastes, the Reynaers SL68 system caters to all, delivering high-performance, energy-efficient solutions in a range of attractive styles.

  • Huge range of design options

  • Rigorously tested to offer the highest levels of performance

  • Industry-leading thermal insulation & weather resistance

  • Industry-leading security – SBD

  • Enhanced security with hinge-side security brackets

  • Two-stage keep offering night ventilation

  • Multi-point locking system

  • Double- and triple-glazed options

  • Choice of internal or external glazing

  • Easy-clean egress hinge option

  • High-quality stainless steel friction stays

  • Optional trickle vent

  • Four sill options

  • Dual-colour option – different colour inside and out

  • Adjustable corner profiles for bay and bow windows

* Above specifications may not all be standard – some are optional extras


Maximum Width (Side-hung)


Maximum Height (Side-hung)


Maximum Width (Top-hung)


Maximum Height (Top-hung)


65mm Sightline from Outer to Vent


A Rated Window – even with Double Glazing


Internally beaded vent

Technical Specifications
U Value• Down to 1.1W/m2k (Triple Glazing)
• Down to 1.5W/m2k (Double Glazing)
Windows Energy Rating (WER)A
AirClass 4, 600pa
WindClass AE, 2400pa
Document LCompliant

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With sightlines of just 65mm Outer-to-Sash and 110mm Sash-to-Sash – SL68 beats most other systems hands down.


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