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Breathtaking 99% Glass Design

HiFinity doors redefine your living spaces with an astounding 99% glass-to-frame ratio, achievable on certain styles and sizes. Experience near-absolute transparency that provides stunning aesthetics and near-uninterrupted views. The magic of the great outdoors seeps into your home, creating a breathtaking connection with nature.

Ultra-Energy Efficient Design

HiFinity is a true symbol of architectural brilliance, achieving a remarkable Uw-Value down to 0.75. This efficiency earns it a coveted Minergie rating, ensuring lowered energy bills and heightened comfort for your customers. With its ultra-slim profiles and expansive transparent surfaces, HiFinity offers an unparalleled, minimalist aesthetic appeal. It won the Archiproducts Design Award in 2021 and Henry Van De Veld Awards, standing as the ultimate choice for contemporary, low-energy buildings. Enjoy floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall fully concealed profiles, and soak in the beauty of unobstructed views.

Minergie Rated Design

HiFinity’s innovative, energy-efficient design has earned it a highly esteemed Minergie rating. This notable certification highlights HiFinity’s commitment to providing low-energy, high-comfort solutions in line with modern sustainability standards. It’s not just about aesthetic appeal – it’s about conscious, eco-friendly design choices that make a difference.

Handling Large Glass Panels

HiFinity is engineered to seamlessly handle large moving glass panels, accommodating weights of up to 750kg. This remarkable capacity allows for expansive glass structures of up to 5m x 3m, enhancing the feeling of space and providing impressive panoramic views. This superior engineering contributes to the overall durability and performance of HiFinity systems.

Unique Adjustable Meeting Section

HiFinity’s unique adjustable meeting section caters to site variations, ensuring perfect operation under all circumstances. This flexibility means that even when there are minor discrepancies in site substrates, the performance of your sliding doors remains unaffected. This unique feature ensures a smooth, flawless operation, enhancing overall user experience.


Maximum Width


Maximum Height


Maximum Weight




Unique adjustable meeting section for easy alignment


Bonded glass carrier holds all rollers and locks – so hardware is hidden from view


Threshold can be built into the structure to give flush bottom

Technical Specifications
U ValueDown to 0.75W/m2k
Windows Energy Rating (WER)A
AirClass 4, 600pa
WaterClass E, 1200pa
WindClass AE, 2400pa
Document LCompliant

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