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Document Q – What does it mean for Bifolds?

Document Q is the latest addition to Building Regulations.  It means that there are now recognized security standards for doors and windows in all new homes.  The new standards require all doors and windows to be made to a design that has been shown, by test, to meet the security requirements of PAS24:2012. The first thing […]

Trimming Aluminium Bi-Folds

There are frequently situations where silicone alone just won’t  fill the gaps around the outer frame Sometimes you’ll need to cover an old silicone line or perhaps the opening is out of square meaning there are varying width gaps around the perimeter of the outer frame where it meets the brick or block. If the […]

Bifold Master Door Adjustment Tips

Bifold doors are designed to operate optimally within a very tight tolerance, making it vital that they are installed perfectly level, plumb, and square. However, the reality is that in the world of construction, perfection is rarely achievable. So when things are slightly out of level or alignment, what adjustments can be made to ensure […]

Strap or Through Fix – How do you fit your BiFold Doors?

  Most Bifolds sold today seem to end up in new ground floor home extensions, usually Installed before any internal plastering has been started. When internal reveals aren’t plastered Installers have a choice to use a traditional through-fix method or the strap-fix method for securing the outer frame. Regardless of which method you employ, it’s […]

Measuring Bifold Doors To Eliminate Mis-measures

It might sound like a quick and easy task but, in reality, correctly measuring for Bifold doors can be a challenge. And getting it wrong can be heart-breaking and costly!  In fact there’s probably not an Installer or Surveyor around that hasn’t mismeasured a window or Bifold at some point. In the history of thresholds, […]