• Reynaers CP68 Slimline Sliders

    Elegance, Comfort and Security

Engineered with precision for the refurbishment and replacement market, our CP68 Slimline Aluminium Slider patio doors are defined by their slim design. With a mere front-to-back measurement of 68mm, these doors masterfully blend aesthetic appeal and functionality, providing a modern, sleek look without compromising on performance. Maximize your space efficiency while upgrading your property’s appearance with these slimline aluminium patio doors.

CP68 Slimline Aluminium Slider

Ultra-Slim Sightlines with CP68

The CP68 patio slider delivers a minimalist aesthetic with its exceptionally slim sightlines, featuring a meeting section of just 34mm. Paired with an outer frame depth of merely 68mm, this door is ideally suited for replacement and refurbishment projects. Embrace an unobstructed view and flood your spaces with natural light, thanks to the ultra-slim design of the CP68.

Versatile Design Options with CP68

The CP68 offers double and triple track options, resulting in an array of opening styles and the capability to accommodate expansive openings. An open corner option is also available, broadening the scope of design possibilities. To assist with installation, we provide a detailed step-by-step video guide, ensuring a smooth and efficient setup process for your convenience.

Transform Your View with CP 68 Aluminium Sliding Doors

Enjoy panoramic views and bask in natural daylight with Reynaers CP 68 slimline sliding doors. Designed to offer industry-leading maximum sizes, these doors bring the beauty of your garden right into your living space. CP 68 is all about design freedom, letting you craft contemporary living spaces with optimal brightness, maximum comfort, and undeniable aesthetics. Perfect for refurbishment projects, it truly is a game-changer in transforming your living experience.


Maximum Vent Width


Maximum Height


Maximum Vent Weight


Visible Width Meeting Section


High Performance Thermal Breaks


Contemporary Modern Design


Double & Triple Track For Vast Range Of Styles

Technical Specifications
Uw ValueUw-value down to 1.6 W/m2K
Max Glazing Thickness36mm
AirClass 4, 600 Pa
WaterClass 7B, 300 PA
WindClass C4, 1600 PA
Burglar ResistanceRC2 / WK2
Document LCompliant

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