The ConceptPatio 130 (CP130) by Reynaers represents a premium sliding patio door solution that achieves the perfect balance between aesthetic functionality, performance, and price. This versatile aluminium system empowers architects and homeowners alike to design spaces without limitations, enhancing the flow between indoor and outdoor environments.

A standout feature of the CP130 is the option for Monorail slide only with glass to glass corners, as well as open corners on double and triple track designs. This innovative option offers an unhindered view of the outdoors, maximizing transparency without the need for obstructing profiles.

The CP130 system also incorporates a unique low threshold renovation-friendly profile, providing seamless transitions between spaces and facilitating easy access for everyone.

Beyond its superior functionality and aesthetic appeal, the CP130 system also prioritises safety and comfort. The soft-close feature is a testament to this, ensuring a smooth and silent operation, minimizing the risk of trapped fingers or sudden slamming.

With its blend of high performance, elegant design, and affordability, Reynaers’ ConceptPatio 130 presents endless possibilities for your next architectural project. It’s more than just a sliding patio door – it’s a gateway to a new world of design possibilities.

The ConceptPatio 130 (CP130) by Reynaers

Highly Functional and Easy-to-Install Patio Doors - CP130

The CP130 Lift & Slide Patio Doors offer an excellent combination of functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Installation is a breeze with these doors, thanks to a comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide provided with each unit. You can transform your living spaces with minimal effort and maximum impact with the CP130 Lift & Slide. Enjoy its effortless sliding mechanism, combined with the peace of mind that comes from choosing a durable and high-quality product.

Aluminium Slider Speedy Delivery of Standard Colours

We are committed to fulfilling your orders swiftly. Our standard colours for the CP130 Lift & Slide Patio Doors – Grey, White, or Black – are available for delivery within just two weeks from the order date. We ensure that our efficient delivery service complements our high-quality products, letting you complete your project without unnecessary delays. Speed and quality are our top priorities.

Superior Safety & Security

Our CP130 Lift & Slide patio doors provide unparalleled safety and security for your home. These doors are equipped with a cutting-edge multi-point locking system to offer maximum protection. In addition, the unique anti-lift design ensures the door can’t be forcibly opened from the outside, offering peace of mind by keeping your premises secure at all times. Safety is never compromised when you choose our CP130 Lift & Slide patio doors.

Revolutionary Innovative Design

Embrace the revolutionary design of our CP130 Lift & Slide doors. These doors feature an innovative corner solution, allowing the creation of unobstructed indoor-outdoor continuity. With no fixed corner elements, they effortlessly open up spaces, seamlessly blending your home’s interiors with the surrounding landscape. Experience boundless living with the innovative design of the CP130 Lift & Slide doors.

Innovative Pocket Door Design

Experience the marvel of transformative spaces with the CP130 Lift & Slide doors, designed with a unique pocket feature. With the ability to slide effortlessly into a pocket in the wall, these doors completely disappear from sight, providing an unparalleled space-saving solution. Rediscover your living area’s potential with our innovative pocket door design.


Maximum Panel Width


Maximum Height


Maximum Vent Weight


Vent-to-Vent Sightline


Low Sightline Gaskets


Contemporary Square Edge look


34mm Threshold

Technical Specifications
U ValueUf-value down to 2.35 W/m2K, depending on the profile combination
Max Glazing Thickness43mm
AirUp to Class 4, 600pa
WaterUp to Class E750 (750 Pa)
Burglar ResistanceRC2
Document LCompliant

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