Industry leading energy efficiency – with Uf-values from 0.97 W/m²K – and exceptional air- and water-tightness makes CS104 the perfect Passivhaus system.

Extreme Energy Efficiency

The high insulation levels, down to a Uf-value of 0.97 W/m²K, are achieved by the use of a patented insulation technology and specifically developed gaskets for a high level of wind and water tightness.


CS104 offers extremely high performance when it comes to water tightness – with values up to 900 Pa for windows and 300 Pa for doors, the system is suitable for extreme conditions such as coastal areas and extreme heights.

No Compromises

The depth of CS104’s profiles provides strength and stability – and gives builders and architects the benefit of large, expansive glass surfaces without sacrificing energy-efficiency or durability.

Down to 0.97

U-Value (W/m2k)


Maximum Width (Tilt & Turn)


Maximum Height (Tilt & Turn)


Triple glazing option


Patented Insulation Technology


Specially designed gaskets

Technical Specifications
U ValueDown to 0.97W/m2k
Windows Energy Rating (WER)A
AirClass 4, 600pa
WaterClass E, 1200pa
WindClass AE, 2400pa
Document LCompliant

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CS104 Passivhaus

With patented insulation technology CS104 achieves unparalleled insulation values for aluminium in the building industry.